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Covid-19: Insights from Our Team & Clients

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CEO to CEO – Two of our clients sharing important information to the business & healthcare communities.
July 8, 2020

Joe Adams, managing partner and CEO of RSM US LLP, discusses health and inventory with Aurelio Fernandez, president and CEO of Memorial Healthcare System in Florida.

NYU Langone Health Develops Novel Tracheostomy Approach to Improve Patient Care and Reduce Risk of “Super-Spreading” Procedures
April 6, 2020

Physicians at NYU Langone Health have developed a newer and perhaps safer approach to tracheostomy that addresses two important challenges: improve care for COVID-19 patients who require prolonged intubation and ventilator support, and reduce “super-spreading” events that pose a risk to healthcare workers.

National Guard To Open Coronavirus Testing Site In Pembroke Pines
March 20, 2020

Jessica Vallejo reports the site will be in C.B. Smith Park and open to medical professionals and those 65 and older showing symptoms. (Memorial Healthcare System)

SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio and NYU Langone Health’s Medical Experts Launch 24/7 Coronavirus Programming
March 2, 2020

SiriusXM announced that Doctor Radio and NYU Langone Health’s medical experts will launch 24/7 programming, live and on demand, dedicated to the latest news and updates surrounding the coronavirus. All programming will be presented by NYU Langone’s team of world-class infectious disease and medical authorities and curated by SiriusXM’s Doctor Radio channel programmers.

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