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Fundamentals of Site Optimization

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Competition was sometimes limited by exclusive relationships as well. Manufacturers were often protective of their brand and who could represent them. In the clothing industry for example, stores who sold higher end lines were often protected as manufactures would not sell to discounters.


How significant is your website to your organization? My impression is that for businesses who have devoted the resources to develop and maintain an effective online presence, their website's impact is unprecedented, and for the folks who haven't gone down that path, it's value and profitability are marginal.


WOW...when I originally started writing my article it was going to be on how Google is positioning themselves to be much more than "Keywords" or search. I was going to share how Google marketed themselves during a recent in-office presentation they did for our team; very little was even mentioned about cost per click ads through Adwords.

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Kovens Conference Center - Client Spotlight

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