Google Goes Again



WOW…when I originally started writing my article it was going to be on how Google is positioning themselves to be much more than "Keywords" or search. I was going to share how Google marketed themselves during a recent in-office presentation they did for our team; very little was even mentioned about cost per click ads through Adwords. It was all about new and exciting ways Google could penetrate different markets, including very traditional offline marketing channels. (i.e.: Radio, Print, TV, CPA ads, etc.)

Late Friday, it was publicly announced that Google had acquired DoubleClick for the very large sum of $3.1 billion. For those of you who have never dabbled in Media before (Banner buys on major networks) DoubleClick accounts for 2/3 or more of the display advertisements served up on the Internet. This deal gives Google a large network of advertisers and Web publishers to serve and sell ads to. It would also provide media agencies and advertisers the ability to manage integrated search and display ad campaigns through one centralized console – ala an expanded version of the current Adwords platform.

So what does this mean to the Engines? In my opinion it means Google just got stronger and Microsoft/MSN has even more work ahead of them. It also leaves Yahoo in an interesting position…becoming very attractive as a solution to MSN after losing the recent bidding war for DoubleClick and now having to compete with Google for Display. This was an area that both Microsoft & Yahoo had an edge over Google on in the past – which it sounds like they just lost…by a lot.

So what does this mean to advertisers? This opportunity could mean the ability for smaller advertisers (budgets) to enter into the world of display, previously left to those with deep pockets, given high minimum budgets. It also means the ability, within Google, to likely incorporate Search & Display trends into one anotherÕs campaigns for better results and more targeted online marketing. Ease of use will also be important if the suggested "one platform" is delivered, coupled by some other Google features like Google Analytics, Google Checkout, Google WebSite Optimizer (beta), etc. The possibilities are endless but all of this points to a very user friendly system for the smaller advertiser to capitalize on.

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