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Bob Weir: I'm something of a news junkie. So, out here on the [West] Coast I get the New York Times online every night. I spend 9:00 to 10:00, generally after the kids are down, reading the news and stuff like that. I do a fair amount of shopping, as much as I have a stomach for.


Everyone knows Google, and as a result new online advertisers are relatively comfortable to dabble with its Adwords program and its seemingly simple interface. They usually will also experiment with Yahoo and even the new MSN AdCenter.



The conflict begins with too many choices. It's easy to feel lost when new forms of online advertising are constantly emerging. So, where do you start? You hear about social media networks, pay-per-call, blogs, and innumerable others as they develop into bigger markets, but do any of these choices make sense?

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Wentworth Military Academy - Client Spotlight

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