Look Beyond the Big Three…



Everyone knows Google, and as a result new online advertisers are relatively comfortable to dabble with its Adwords program and its seemingly simple interface. They usually will also experiment with Yahoo and even the new MSN AdCenter. More sophisticated Internet advertisers, familiar with cpc marketing, may also venture into Shopping Feeds or Comparison Engines and/or Travel Portals, if sites are within those verticals. But what else is out there?

Many second/third tier engines have come and gone over the years, and even a few have resurfaced under new names after disappearing for a while. A few of these Engines have had issues, which prompted marketers to shy away. These included click fraud, validating their distribution channels/partners, having a limited user interface (or none at all) and minimal or restrictive campaign options. When considering any of these Engines, make sure to validate where the traffic is coming from and how it is performing once on your site. Through detailed analysis of server logs or analytics data you should be able to quickly qualify or disqualify any channel as viable.

Another option to consider is some of the lesser known or newer entrants into the cost per click market, including contextual platforms. Based on your industry or vertical, some may be more applicable than others. These can potentially deliver some very qualified and targeted traffic at a reasonable cost. Again, any new marketing venture should be carefully analyzed for performance and ROI data prior to making a long term implementation strategy or large financial investment.

MoreVisibility utilizes many of these channels for their clients to create an effective and well-rounded Search Engine Marketing campaign. If you'd like to learn more about how we could implement a strategy for you, please contact us.

Here are some Ad Networks to consider:

ASK- listings override those supplied by Google AdWords. Pricing is determined by Engine and is typically market priced to Google. There are only 3 advertisers accepted per Keyword – Engine gaining marketshare; it's about 6% currently.

SuperPages (previously Verizon) – this popular offline brand provides online premium ads via Yellow Page listings (local or national) through Keyword / Category cpc advertising. They also offer a Pay Per Call program – great for those advertisers preferring a phone call from web traffic over a click to their website.

Quigo – Adsonar program allows content-targeted advertising through a cpc model.
Option of ads to be displayed on specific pages selected, in relevant sections of sites requested, within targeted RSS Feeds or email newsletters.

Amazon/ClickRiver – Sponsored ads on Amazon.com search results and product details pages via cpc, which compliment the shopper's experience. Not all advertisers accepted, based on competitiveness to company (Amazon) itself. Program still in Beta but is performing well so far

Industry Brains – Contextually based cpc and cpm advertising – ability to target specific sites/portals that match your demographic or are complimentary to your target market.
Banners and text ads offered – targeting by industry offered.

AdKnowledge – contextually driven cpc advertising, based upon category and sub categories self-selected. Text ads can appear in header/footer of network emails.

StumbledUpon & Performancing – Very new opportunities; these are geared toward advertising within Blogs or social media platforms, via CPC or CPM contextual ads.

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