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Second Generation Search Engine Submissions – A Guide to What You Need to Know

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We've been having a discussion around the office lately about whether it is still appropriate to spell out Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing in our marketing efforts, or whether it's fine to go with the acronyms SEO and SEM. The impetus for the chatter is a site redesign that we're currently in the midst of (for the MoreVisibility.com site).


After watching my 6 year old become increasingly proficient navigating the Internet, it became obvious to me that many advertisers are missing out on a huge market opportunity. My daughter knows exactly what web sites are most interactive, and those are the sites where she spends most of her time online.

More Traffic For Less Money - How to Get the Most Out of Content Campaigns


As paid marketing becomes more expensive, advertisers search for additional exposure at lower prices. Content networks can prove to be very effective tools for bringing lower cost clicks to higher priced or less searched keywords if optimized properly, but many companies don't create campaigns specifically for content.

MoreVisibility Introduces OPTIMIZED DESIGN

Search Engine friendly web design.

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Derek Weaver Company, Inc. - Client Spotlight

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