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Local and Mobile Search Concepts for Future Success

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Paris, OJ and the New Internet
- Andrew Wetzler, President

Do you remember where you were when OJ led the LA police on his trek across town? The date was June 17, 1994. I was in Baltimore playing pool in a crowded sports bar, but the televisions were all showing the OJ chase instead of baseball.

Local Search - Why It's Right for Companies Both Big & Small
- Danielle Leitch, Exec. Vice President

If you haven't downloaded a copy of our latest White Paper, Local and Mobile Search: Concepts for Future Success, now is the time. There is so much progress being made in Local Search, especially relative to Mobile Search, it has become a necessity for every advertisers' marketing plan.

Targeted Content Versus Keyword Density

Targeted Content Versus Keyword Density
- David Tischler, SEO Copywriter

While looking for information about writing for web pages, you simply cannot avoid the topic "keyword density". Let's start with a definition. Keyword density measures the percentage of keywords and keyphrases compared to the total number of words in your web page body.

Improve Your Cost-Per-Click Campaign Performance with a CPC Audit

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