Fundamentals of Site Optimization

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How significant is your website to your organization? My impression is that for businesses who have devoted the resources to develop and maintain an effective online presence, their website's impact is unprecedented, and for the folks who haven't gone down that path, it's value and profitability are marginal.


Our agency has found success outside of traditional keyword buys for these situations. When you are unable to easily identify your product/service with a word or two (for the reasons described above), then contextual or behavioral marketing becomes vital to the equation.

Optimizing Website Content: It's Easier Than You Think


So, I take a look at their site and do, in fact, see lots and lots of content... And it breaks my heart to have to tell them that all those hours they spent doing what they thought was the right thing, actually wasn't... and that they have to change it, yet again.


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Manhattan Cabinetry - Client Spotlight

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