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Advanced Web Site Content Development

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Although I am not aware of any official survey, I would venture to guess that the average length of time that a company lives with a website, between redesigns is 3-4 years. I may be a bit high or low, but I think I am in the ballpark.


It is really important to provide information that will engage visitors so they go from just visitors, to site users. In prior articles, we have shared the importance of providing a clear call-to-action or conversion path(s), actually multiple points of conversion are optimal.

Optimize Content for Users First, Bots Second


As the search engine optimization industry continues to expand, new techniques, methodologies and perspectives are conceived. The SEO community hashes out new theories of search engine algorithms daily and such controversial discussions delve deep into the heart of optimization.

Improve Your Cost-Per-Click Campaign Performance with a CPC Audit

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HAMILTON COMPANY - Client Spotlight

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