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Internet Marketing Beyond Traditional Search

Don’t Limit Yourself to the “Big Three”. Expand your reach by learning how to engage your prospects outside of the “obvious” engines.

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The Myth of Web Design
- Andrew Wetzler, President

It is common to think of web design as a trade that is best suited for artsy type folks in rooms with music blaring, lava lamps and beanbag chairs. That notion is perpetuated by the fact that websites, by their very nature, are visual and “front-end” focused from a user perspective.

Is It a Landing Page, Landing Path, or Landing Experience?
- Danielle Leitch, Exec. Vice President

What exactly are these? They are typically dedicated web page(s) – built for sole use within a specific marketing campaign and most commonly not linked within the navigation of the website. Landing Pages go way back in Internet Marketing, but have recently evolved tremendously.

Five Considerations When Choosing Keywords

Five Considerations When Choosing Keywords
- Ashley Bailes, SEO Specialist

By now, the majority of website owners should be aware that good content is a critical ingredient to site success. Before creating the content of a site, however, one must overcome the sometimes daunting task of choosing keywords.


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