august 2008 newsletter

Blogs, Online Marketing, and 2008

Topics include:

  • Blog Basics
  • The Owning Your Own Blog vs. Hosted Blog Debate
  • Commercial Blog Content
  • Blogging Best Practices
  • Search Engine Optimization Benefits from Blogs
  • / Specific Tactics

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The idea is loosely adopted from the “Make Over” television shows that have become so popular, but due to the time constraints and format of the publication, it remains the responsibility of the company to actually implement the changes that we recommended.


It can become a challenging situation for those marketers not familiar with Search Engine Marketing & Website Optimization to accurately interview and select the best agency to outsource their online advertising and site optimization program.

Blogging: Is It Really Worth It?


Blogging has become incredibly popular now among many Internet users. Teens are using blogs as an online diary of sorts, while adults are using them to get their names out there and to share any personal stories, opinions, or business information.

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  • Blog Set-up
  • Creative Design
  • Software
  • Blog Training
  • Blog Writing (optional)

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My 1 Stop - Client Spotlight

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