MoreVisibility Launches New Website



I am very pleased to announce that we have just redesigned our corporate website, and I wanted to share some insights about it.

The main design objective for the new site was showcasing our capabilities and especially the fact that as the Interactive Marketing arena has grown up, we have evolved with it and continue to be leaders in the field. That includes a continued focus on our core capabilities of SEO & SEM, and also our commitment and expertise in newer channels like Blogs, Analytics and Affiliate Marketing.

To highlight our belief in blogs, we have featured our 3 blogs at the bottom of the home page and throughout the site. The blogs are:

  • SEO Blog
  • SEM Blog
  • Analytics Blog

As you may know, we began offering Optimized Design for websites several months ago. This service helps companies develop or redesign sites in a manner that is both effective from a user perspective and also properly optimized for Natural Search. We thought it was very important that our new site be able to illustrate our Optimized Design capabilities and it was built with that in mind. In addition, we decided that it would be most appropriate for the site to incorporate new technology that enhances the user experience. With that in mind, we have utilized a new tool called AJAX. Please see the “Create Your Own Custom Program” graphic on the Home Page.

Wikipedia notes the following about AJAX,
“AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML), or Ajax, is a group of inter-related web development techniques used for creating interactive web applications. A primary characteristic is the increased responsiveness and interactivity of web pages achieved by exchanging small amounts of data with the server "behind the scenes" so that the entire web page does not have to be reloaded each time there is a need to fetch data from the server. This is intended to increase the web page's interactivity, speed, functionality, and usability.”

The site has also been developed around a Content Management System (CMS). This provides the functionality to make site-wide changes to content in the most efficient manner possible, while also accounting for SEO guidelines.

This site represents our 5th significant redesign since we began in 1999. For all of you history buffs, here are links to prior versions.

2005 (pictures not working)

You can view prior versions of your own website by putting your url into the “Wayback Machine”. I find it to be an enlightening exercise to look back at how an organization has progressed in the way it presents itself online. Here’s a link to the tool: (top center of the page).

I look forward to your feedback on our new site. Please read our blogs and check back often as the website is very much a work in process.

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