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10 Critical Elements to a Successful Google AdWords Campaign

Topics include:

  • Managing campaigns, Ad groups and keywords
  • Campaign options such as targeting, budgeting and scheduling
  • Creating and testing landing pages
  • Tracking results, including Quality Scores
  • Google options beyond AdWords

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Saul Hansell, the respected reporter for the New York Times, wrote an insightful blog last week about Google and the fact that they have actually been limiting the number of sponsored ads that appear in the search results in an effort to improve “ad quality”.

Adobe, Google, Yahoo and the New and Improved (Sort of) Flash


As Adobe® has made elements of its Flash® technology open to Google™ and Yahoo!®, both search engines are now able to improve their indexing of Adobe Flash files. After the announcement, the Internet went wild with speculation. Some sectors took this as a sign that Flash is the way to go with web design and web development.

If the Economy is so Bad, Why Am I Doing So Well?


It’s starting to sound like a broken record: “The Economy is in a Recession!”, “The Housing Market is abysmal!”, “Gas Prices are Ridiculous!”. Yes, our country’s economics have seen much better times, and once upon a time, our gas prices used to hover around $2 / Gallon.

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PoliSeek - Client Spotlight

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