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Topics include:

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  • Tracking Search Engine Rankings
  • Factors Affecting Natural Search
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Google Webmaster Tools
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Wanted: A Talented Soft Pretzel Baker
- Andrew Wetzler, President

I delivered a lecture recently on Internet Marketing in Lugano, Switzerland. Having traveled to Europe on many occasions, I am always struck by just how great it is to visit and how different their day-to-day life is relative to the United States in some subtle ways.

How Does Your Website Appear "On The Run"?
- Danielle Leitch, EVP Client Strategy

I have a Blackberry and use it often. Originally it was meant to keep up with emails and activity while away from the office, but I have come to realize it is handy for some personal stuff too. Most people in our office have a smart phone, with the Blackberry or iPhone being the most popular brands.

10 Common SEO Myths Debunked
- Khrysti Nazarro, Director of Optimized Services

Daily discussions with clients and prospects remind me that not everyone lives and breathes Search and there’s still, in mid-2008, a lot of false information out there. Chances are, if you read our newsletter regularly, that I am preaching to the converted with this article.

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Alternatives in Treatment - Client Spotlight

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