MoreVisibility Tests New Programs, Affiliate Marketing



Our team is excited about two new programs we are evaluating for our clients and one that we’ve recently rolled out. Since our beginning over eight years ago, we have always experimented with new tools and channels to help our clients boost both the flow of qualified traffic to their sites as well as improve their conversion results. For example, we were one of the earliest approved vendors for Yahoo’s Paid Inclusion program (2002) and as a result are still intimately involved with the program today.

With respect to the initiatives we’re testing, one relates to video search and the cutting-edge opportunities that this presents, particularly within the new Universal Search results that Google and the other engines are beginning to display. It may be time to consider creating videos that can ultimately be ranked in the SERP’s (search engine results pages). We’ll let you know more about the outcome of our testing in the coming weeks.

Another beta program addresses ways to improve conversion rates on Paid Search campaigns through a more scientific approach to post-click marketing. The ability to refine a “landing page” to improve conversions is essential to boosting campaign ROI. We are evaluating tools that can have a significant impact on campaign performance.

A program that has made it through our beta process and is now in full motion is managing Affiliate Marketing campaigns for clients. Just like so many other dimensions of Interactive Marketing, on the surface it seems like Affiliate Marketing can be easily accomplished in-house, as the perception is that the affiliates do all of the work. That is not the reality, however. Such campaigns can be successful in-house with dedicated and knowledgeable resources, but for most companies the programs don’t get actively managed and as a result don’t achieve their potential. Please let us know if you would like to learn more about our Affiliate Marketing management program.

Lastly, MoreVisibility made the decision in late 2007 to begin operating as a Green company and I am pleased to announce that we have put in place a number of important steps and as a result are operating in a more eco-friendly manner.

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