Top Ten Things to Consider in Your Google AdWords Campaigns



Use the Campaign Options AdWords Offers

Google provides a number of different options that can benefit your online advertising efforts and save money. Although these will not be useful in all accounts or campaigns, they can be implemented where needed. The options include:

  1. Keep your campaigns and AdGroups tightly themed.
    It’s important to make sure your campaigns and adgroups are all relevant. This relates to the keywords or phrases being used within each. This is especially important for campaigns that have opted into the Content Network.
  2. Use Analytics and Conversion Tracking – both offered free by Google
    Through the use of Conversion Tracking, you are able to easily identify within the Adwords interface the performance of each keyword and its cost per conversion. Google Analytics is a robust platform that is easy to use and supports all marketing efforts.
  3. Test, Test, Test, Test ..(alright, you get the picture)
    It is impossible to know if you are doing your best unless you try something else and compare it. If that doesn’t work, there could always be other options. This includes keywords, positions, ads, landing pages, etc.
  4. 4. Create Compelling Landing Pages That Convert
    As in #3 above, testing is critical and can be done manually by inserting different pages in the destination URL spot for the same word and watching the results. Through using Google Website Optimizer, advertisers can easily perform A/B tests or multivariate experiments.
  5. Monitor and Improve your Quality Score
    The Quality Score is a very important, dynamic metric within your Adwords campaigns and can greatly impact your visibility and cost in Google. The score is comprised of several factors and directly correlates to your status on the word, (active or paused), as well as minimum bid price and position, on a per keyword basis.
  6. Longtail Keywords – Broad isn't always better
    Although search volume is higher, the more generic keywords or phrases tend to have increased competition and are more costly per click. Google has an easy to use Keyword Research Tool, which can be accessed within your Adwords account or externally.
  7. Geographic Targeting
    Market to users in your local area or expand out to specific areas/states of the country.
  8. Day Parting/Ad Scheduler
    Effective if you know when your customers are searching for you or if you drive visitors to contact you via the telephone and you aren’t available 24/7.
  9. Budget Delivery
    You can choose a staggered delivery throughout the day for even distribution over a 24- hour period or an accelerated delivery, to get maximum exposure when you need it most.
  10. Consider Offline
    Google has expanded into many new areas, some of which aren’t even online. These advertising options include TV, Print, Mobile, Radio, Display and Video Ads.


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