Bolt-like Results from Google



I enjoy catching up on sports via watching ESPNs' Sport Center while having my daily bowl of oatmeal. This past week I saw the amazing Jamaican runner Usain "Lightning" Bolt shatter his 100m world record, which he set at the 2008 Olympics, via running it in 9.58 seconds. Bolt was running against American Tyson Gay who set a new American record at 9.71 seconds, which would have been a world record just 13 months ago. Bolts' time in the 2008 Olympics was 9.69 after coasting across the finish line; previously his 9.72 time stood as the world record.

Competition brings out the best in athletes and perhaps Microsoft will provide Google with this competition. Microsoft has been making news of late, with the announced Yahoo deal as well as their new Bing search.

Google has recently revealed its' new search update, Caffeine, which will be rolled out to all data centers over the next few months. Google likes to perform these updates during the summer months due to low search traffic and ease of rolling out. "This update is primarily under the hood: we're rewriting the foundation of some of our infrastructure.", according to Google's Matt Cutts. He also states that the actual result sets should not be dramatically different. We will be reviewing and verifying our clients' positions closely, as well as continuing to improve upon our content management system (CMS) as needed due to algorithm changes. My instinct tells me that Google wants to improve upon their ability to rapidly index social networking sites and improve upon search results accuracy.

You can see for yourself, just visit Google's new Caffeine search platform and keep an eye on the results. They are faster, and better track social networking sites, including posts to Twitter.

I’m certain these tech giants have more search initiatives in the pipeline and we will be paying attention to the scope and details of the projects in order to continue to provide our best advice and expertise concerning your websites' rankings.

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