For Retailers: Capture Your Searchers While You Can with a Strong Landing Page



When searchers are shopping online for a product or service, they don't have much time to waste. Searchers usually know exactly what they want to purchase or at least have a general idea. More than likely, searchers will click on the ad that is the most appealing and appropriate for them. At this point, they are ready to buy.

When someone is searching for a specific product and clicks on an ad that seems most targeted; they want to see that product when they land on the destination page. Searchers aren't happy about having to search again once they've landed on your site. If you are directing traffic to a home page you can expect a higher bounce rate than if you send those who click to the most relevant landing page. This is because when a searcher arrives on your page and doesn't immediately see the product, they will leave to search again for it. This clearly attributes to a lost opportunity and exemplifies why it's so important for online retailers to have relevant landing pages as part of their PPC campaigns.

Not all brands or products need individual landing pages. However, as a business owner or marketing coordinator you should know what products and brands convert into online revenue. These are the products that are important enough to have their own unique destination pages.

Reiterating from my blog on the importance of a relevant landing page, when you are advertising with Google AdWords, landing page relevancy gives your campaigns tremendous benefits. Google is going to factor your ad copy & keyword relevancy, click through rate, landing page and cost per click. With a high-quality page, you are attracting your audience, engaging them to make a purchase, and Google will likely display your ad before your competitors with weaker campaigns, even if you are bidding lower for that keyword.

Now why would Google do this? Because it's all about relevancy.  Google prefers to position an ad higher that is generating more clicks, even if the advertising is bidding a lower cost per click. Google recognizes the value of having a relevant page more-so then a higher bidding competitor with a poor landing page.

So why not take the chance and create a better destination page? If you have a popular product that has potential to become an ecommerce success story, start redirecting the traffic to an enhanced, relevant landing page. Watch your results improve and capture your audience while you can.

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