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Whether you have a consumer oriented website, or one geared toward businesses, there are a variety of ways in which Social Media can be used to drum up some online activity and buzz, as well as new prospects.  There have been several recent and successful advertising campaigns centered on contests or sweepstakes run on various social networking platforms.  Some have been for much smaller bounty (i.e. free t-shirt) than others (3 months ski vacation) and they revolve around both simplistic tasks to win (just become a follower on Twitter or fan the Facebook page), while others have required tremendous creativity (create a compelling video on why you should receive prize). 

What all the successful campaigns have had in common though are the following:

  • Develop a unique concept that will entice people to react/apply/enter
  • Make it simple — the end should justify the means (don't go overboard on entry requirements for a simple prize)
  • Explain the process and rules clearly
  • Keep a channel-specific timeframe in mind for contest length – the real-time nature of Twitter makes a short window of time much more enticing.
  • Use multiple channels to promote contest and even for participation/entrance into sweepstakes. (promote contest on facebook but drive to your website or vice versa)
  • Allow for interactivity amongst entrants by embracing user generated content (messaging, posts, video sharing, etc.)

If you are looking for ideas to stir your inner creativity and develop a plan for your company, take a peek at some of the recent promotional events or contests run on a variety of social media sites:

Dunkin Donuts
Marriott Hawaii
Colorado "Snow Virgin" Giveaway
Lippincott  Williams & Wilkins

For more information on running a contest through the social media channels, including tools and resources available to help (both fee-based and complimentary), consider our recent training webinar on Social Media for Lead generation, Promotions and Sweepstakes.

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