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Easy Steps to SEO Keyword Research and Selection

In this SEO White Paper, we will guide you on how to choose the right keywords by:

  • Reviewing content on page
  • Determining relevancy
  • Looking at competitiveness
  • Continuous tracking

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What I am collectively hearing at the moment is a sigh of angst over the number of variables that need to be considered under the umbrella of “Internet Marketing” and as a result the time commitment involved with operating a successful program.


Now, there are certainly advertisers and marketing companies who have implemented some savvy campaigns using social media, but I think it would be premature to call any of them “masters” or “experts”. The role of Social Media Marketing within a company’s online advertising strategy is new to all of us marketers.

One Size Does Not Fit All


A campaign with 75 keywords could easily outperform a campaign with 1000 keywords, even though they are built to attract the same type of visitor. This concept can be difficult for businesses to understand when they first start a PPC campaign.

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Case Study For A South Florida Online Retailer - Client Spotlight

Our expert Campaign Management Team created and uploaded a well conceived, content rich YST Campaign, while simultaneously obtaining access from the client to their Google Analytics (GA) data.

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