Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Toolkit
There are major updates happening in the search world with organic results. More specifically on the SEO front – Google, Yahoo and Bing have all made recent changes (as recently as this week) which advertisers need to understand and be well positioned for.

MoreVisibility has produced many pieces of educational collateral which cover these changes and how they impact your website. To keep you as informed as possible, we have brought highlights to our newsletter. As there is likely additional information to be revealed in the coming days, stay connected with us through our Blogs, on Twitter and Facebook.

August 2010 Webinar: Recent Google Updates – Caffeine & Mayday

In this presentation, I explore the recent Google infrastructure update referred to as Caffeine. Producing content for real-time and blended results is more important than ever in this new search landscape. We also discuss the algorithm update called Mayday, which impacted many websites, specifically surrounding long-tail search terms.

June 2010 Newsletter Article: The Yahoo + Microsoft Partnership; Search Alliance

This was an earlier explanation of what’s to come with these two engines. We offer insights on how this will impact both your organic and paid search efforts. It has become even more important this week, as they have officially stated, Bing is powering ALL organic results on Yahoo as of August 25th.

Here are a few other industry announcements you should be aware of, with feedback from our team on each:

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