10 Internet Marketing Tips For Promoting Free Webinars



10 Internet Marketing Tips For Promoting Free Webinars
While promoting our most recent webinar “Recent Google Updates for SEO: Mayday & Caffeine”, I realized how many online channels are available to promote our complimentary webinar. Social media sites have given marketers a new array of options to share and promote events. Here are my top 10 favorite ways to promote a free webinar.

  1. Make sure that before you begin marketing your webinars, you create separate lead sources/campaigns for each site for tracking purposes. If you don’t separate out your webinar registrant’s sources, you won’t be able to track future revenue generated from webinar attendees.
  2. Old school: Use what you have; we always begin our marketing efforts with our in-house email database. Text typically works better as a lot of email software now blocks images. Make clear the title, date, time etc. Also, have at least a couple of registration links in the email, so people can register with ease.
  3. Home Page: Make sure to promote the webinar on your home page.
  4. Press Release: Create a press release announcing the webinar and publish it through a PR channel that will get you exposure on the web.
  5. Blog: If you have a blog, share your webinar with your readers through a blog post. The RSS feeds for the blog push the content out, as well as submission into blog search engines. This external traffic doesn’t cost you anything.
  6. Twitter: Tweet the webinar prior to the announcement, then tweet the official announcement. Make sure to also tweet before the webinar is about to begin and follow the webinar up with another tweet announcing the on-demand archive.
  7. Facebook: Post your webinar announcement to your Facebook wall. Follow the same system as Twitter, pre-announcement, official announcement and on-demand archive availability.
  8. Facebook Events: Create a Facebook event and promote it to your friends.
  9. LinkedIn Events: Create a LinkedIn event and invite members of your network to attend.
  10. LinkedIn Groups: If you don’t belong to any LinkedIn groups, you should search out specific groups that are of interest and join. Once you belong to a group, you can start a discussion and post your webinar information in the discussion section. Information posted will be emailed to group members that have elected to receive daily emails from the group.

By utilizing these multiple channel marketing methods you will gain more attendees to your webinars.

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