Getting the Most From Your Agency Relationship



Although currently working for an agency, I have also worked on the other side of the desk for an advertiser. So, I have experience from an agency, as well as from an advertiser.  This puts me in a somewhat unique position of being able to provide insight for both parties in order to maximize the agency-advertiser relationship.

From the agency's perspective, the following are important considerations an advertiser should keep in mind, if engaged in a partnership with an agency:

  • Keep no secrets – the more information you can reveal to your agency, the better equipped they will be to reach your goals.
  • Be realistic – set goals and metrics for the agency that you otherwise would expect to achieve yourself.  Setting unobtainable goals will not benefit either party.
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate – its essential to keep the lines open and flow of information in both directions constant.
  • Plan ahead – it's important to integrate your marketing efforts, online and off.

By sharing and planning upcoming seasonal and promotion efforts, your agency can incorporate these into their efforts, thereby making both initiatives more productive.

From the advertiser's perspective, the following are important considerations that their agency (or proposed agency) to consider:

  • We Don't Know What We Don't Know – although advertisers are the purchasers and ultimately sign off on their contract/services, they are not the experts.  So, if the advertiser is going down a path that doesn't make sense for their business, the agency should speak up and make recommendations.
  • Listen – Ask Questions – most advertisers have a wealth of information to share, but sometime don't realize exactly what they should offer.  When the agency can prompt the launch process with important questions and considerations, it allows for a solid start. 
  • How Does It All Work – having patience with an advertiser is key, particularly in an area where they may not be well versed.  Education can go a long way when trying to introduce new services to your advertiser.  If they understand it, they may recognize the potential benefits and buy into it.
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