january 2010 newsletter

Crafting a Profitable Mobile Search Strategy

  • Why now is the time to get your mobilestrategy in order.
  • How robust does your mobile design need to be?
  • Advances and options for mobile advertisement.
  • Mobile applications and social media marketing.

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Have you ever heard a b2b marketing person make the following case: "If you just get a single sale out of this campaign, then it will have paid for itself." To be frank, I am guilty of having thought along those lines at times. That perspective, while plausible, doesn’t actually pay the bills.


It’s only when you really need them that passwords and user names become important! This was especially true for me recently when I could not locate the information for some of our Social Media tools and third party applications.


It is helpful to first determine your goals, budget and exactly what you are trying to achieve in 2010. For example, if your goal is to improve the number of qualified leads being generated from your website, you will want to employ an analytics tool if you have not already done so.

Going Mobile?

MoreVisibility Now Offers Mobile Web Design

How does your website look on a Blackberry or iPhone? For under $1k, we can create a mobile-friendly version of your site.

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IEEE - Client Spotlight

MoreVisibility helped increase the number of quality leads coming through IEEE paid search campaigns.

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