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7 Hot Tips to Successfully Measure Social Media

Social media, social media, social media! It's all that anyone online is talking about these days. What people aren't talking about are ways to successfully measure their social media efforts.

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Noah Webster was an author who published the American Dictionary of the English Language in 1828. His work has lived on through the contribution of others, as the English language has incorporated new words over the decades.


There have been two recent and notable impacts to the Google Search algorithm. Google's Caffeine has been fully rolled out and made permanent, although not necessarily new. It isn't really an algorithm update, but more so a different approach on scanning and then indexing content.


These books allowed readers to make critical decisions at various twists in the plot: "Turn to page XX if you want to climb the stairs or page YY if you want to open the door." Depending on your choice, you were possibly crowned the hero of the tale or, perhaps, reached an impasse and the story was over.


Is it true that social media marketing can help my SEO efforts?

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Closet Couture - Client Spotlight

Closet Couture utilizes MoreVisibility's help with Google Analytics.

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