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"Optimized" Website Design or Redesign Checklist

  • Organize areas that should come into play with your planning.
  • Identify core project requirements.
  • Focus on what's working, while addressing anything that isn't performing on the site

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For many individuals and organizations, Social Media remains a nebulous dimension of marketing, but like an annoying dog, it just keeps gnawing at our feet. We know there is "something to it" as the user data clearly points to its significance and momentum.


Recently Google has introduced several new features for advertisers using the AdWords platform. Some of these are still in beta and cannot be discussed … but trust me, they are very exciting! Others are in full swing and open to all advertisers for use in current campaigns.


For any online campaign to be successful, all the components must be tied together. The messaging, strategy and overall goal must be united within the different areas of the online world. A well knit campaign in the areas of mobile, text and display, along with specific landing pages is crucial.


Online or On Location - Your Office or Ours. One Person or Multiple Departments. SEO & Copywriting, Google Analytics, SEM and Social Media Marketing.

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Much Shelist - Client Spotlight: Legal

Attorneys Much Shelist partnered with MoreVisibility with the goals of increasing traffic to the website and raising awareness of the law firm.

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