Google Rolls Out New Features for AdWords



Recently Google has introduced several new features for advertisers using the AdWords platform. Some of these are still in beta and cannot be discussed … but trust me, they are very exciting! Others are in full swing and open to all advertisers for use in current campaigns.  I will cover two of them below, which are very beneficial, especially to etailers, and may add tremendous value to existing advertising efforts.


This option allows adverstisers to feature a handful of interior pages from their site within their sponsored listing on Google.  For online retailers, it can offer the ability to showcase several viable options to the searcher, increasing their choices and narrowing the search further to deliver customers to the most appropriate page on their website.

Here are what SiteLinks looks like when put into place by an advertiser (notice the 4 hyperlinks under the ad):

There is no additional charge to add in these links, it still operates in the same cost per click fashion as a standard ad on Google.  It is highly recommended to track these links separately via Google Analytics, (using the destination URL field for each link) to determine their impact (if any) on the ad's performance and overall campaign ROI.

In order to use this feature for your ads on Google, you must opt-in through the Campaign Settings tab, under "Ad Extensions".   SiteLinks is one of several options to choose from. The image below illustrates this area and how it looks when entering in the URLs and link text to display for each:

This can be a great way to test different products or offers, as well as feature promotional or seasonal items and events.


This is an option for retailers to consider and can greatly enhance your advertisement on Google. Product Extensions allows for the merchant to showcase several products or items, along with pricing, within the actual ad unit.  Again, as with SiteLinks above, there is no additional charge for this and the fees are on a cost per click basis.  They can be displayed in ads on the top of the page or right column. Here is what they look like within sponsored listings located on top and in the right rail:

There is a "plus icon" the searcher must use to initially expand this information for display.  The products featured are being matched (by Google) to the search query through the merchants product feed.  This feed is set-up by the advertiser through the Google Merchant Center, using a spreadsheet format to highlight the product details.

If you have an online store, I strongly suggest investigating these options to enhance your search campaigns on Google.

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