Tying it All Together



For any online campaign to be successful, all the components must be tied together. The messaging, strategy and overall goal must be united within the different areas of the online world. A well knit campaign in the areas of mobile, text and display, along with specific landing pages is crucial. Let's talk about mobile first.

Many companies are quick to jump on the internet bandwagon, with no idea of how to correctly strategize to target the different spheres of the online world. With mobile marketing, one of the main objectives is to target people who use their cell phones frequently. Consumers who use their cell phones are often looking to get information quickly, and research shows the many consumers use their cell phone to find local businesses within their area. If a company is looking to advertise to a mobile audience, geo-targeting is a key component that ought to be utilized.  If a company is not providing what a visitor is looking for, that company will be overlooked by the visitor. Along with targeted mobile ads, it is essential to have mobile landing pages for your mobile audience to land on. If your mobile audience clicks on your ad, they will be disappointed if they get to a page that is difficult to read or navigate on their mobile device.

Landing pages play a key role in any online campaign, because these pages ultimately determine a customer's satisfaction and whether they will complete the desired action. In the case of the mobile customer, they should land on a mobile landing page that is easy to understand and find the information they need to contact your business. A landing page for a text or display ad may be different, depending on the end goal that a company wants the consumer to perform.

For example; if a company wants to generate leads for a particular service, the landing page the consumer arrives at should have a quick lead generation form for the customer to fill out. The main point of this page is get basic follow-up information, in order for a sales person or an associate to contact them. Too often, a company wants to generate leads, but the page the visitor lands on is ineffective.  The message of the landing page should be, here's the service we offer, if you're interested fill out this basic form and our company will be in touch quickly. This keeps it plain and simple.

Another place where messaging is important is within text and display ads. Text and display ads provide a limited amount of space for a company to get their message across.  Ads must be clear and concise about how they want the consumer to respond. A clear call to action should be placed within a text or display ad unless the sole purpose of the ad is branding. If a company doesn't know what they want the consumer to do when they get to the website, why would they expect the consumer to know? When an ad has a clear call to action such as "visit us", "learn more", "buy now", "order online", "sign-up today", etc, the consumer knows what to do and what they will be getting in return.

The key to reaching consumers is to have a good strategy to tie all the components of your online internet campaign together. A company doesn't have to use all the different internet marketing options, but the ones' that they use should be used correctly. Let's take an Italian restaurant for example. Say they want people to order from their online menu and pickup their food. When they target a mobile audience, their mobile ads should be geo-targeted and include a phone number. Also, if a person clicks on their ad they should be taken to a mobile landing page that shows them the online menu and allows them to order. For text and display ads, the Italian restaurant should make it clear that they want people to order online. The landing page should include their location(s), contact phone number and easy access to the online menu. It sounds simple, but few companies execute these steps correctly. There are many companies who wouldn't send visitors to the order online menu, but would actually send them to a page that has "dine-in only specials" It's a simple mistake, but one that can be costly.  Whenever a company is advertising online within different areas of online marketing, they have to make sure that everything ties together in order for them to have successful online results.

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