Looking Back on 2010



As I sit in a very crowded airport over the Holiday weekend, I find myself reflecting back on this past year. For the Interactive Marketing/Search industry, 2010 was very active with mergers/acquisitions, partnerships, innovation and constant change. Although it’s been a wild ride, as we look toward 2011, advertisers should leverage the knowledge learned this past year and prepare for what’s ahead.

Here is a sampling of some of the more eventful happenings from this year:

  • Google Caffeine, Instant & Preview
  • Partnership between Yahoo & MSN/Bing
  • Promoted Tweets
  • Facebook Pages to “Like” not ‘Friend/Follow”
  • LinkedIn Company Page Feature for “Products/Services”
  • iPad and entry of the Tablet
  • Introduction of Droid and Windows Phone
  • Remarketing Ads
  • Invasion of all things Mobile
  • Enhanced features (extensions) in AdWords for more robust ads.

As we finish out the year and prepare 2011 marketing budgets and goals, here are the areas I predict will be on most company’s radar:

  • Measuring Social Media Results and Monetization of Those Efforts
  • Crafting Multi-Device, Robust Mobile Strategy Beyond Basic Visibility
  • Improving on Analytics and Integration With Other Important Data
  • Refining Paid Search Campaigns – More Experimentation With Other Engines, Portals, Networks, etc.
  • Multi-Channel Strategy Development & Execution … Holistic Marketing
  • Content Maximization for Enhanced SEO Value
  • Experimentation – Multivariate Testing
  • Identification of Metrics & Goals

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