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Three Ways to Invigorate Your Search Engine Marketing Campaigns

Traditional Cost Per Click (CPC) is great for promoting products and services and driving qualified traffic to your site, but sometimes you need to liven up your efforts.

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We all know that baking great pizzas or creating beautiful music doesn't happen by chance, even though on the surface the processes seem deceivingly simple. There are a ton of nuances and customizations that occur which differentiate the best in class (pizzas and bands) from everyone else.


In typical Google fashion, there was much speculation surrounding the September 8, 2010 conference that they announced only one day in advance and touted as a "major news event". Ever the company to keep things behind a veil of secrecy, but also liking to be in the spotlight and have people "abuzz", Google promoted this conference as a must-watch and streamed it live via YouTube.


A colleague recently forwarded me an article from Newsweek circa 1995. The article espoused the idea that the Internet would never catch on. I'm sure some savvy multi-channel businesses may have read that and decided not to invest in a real web presence.


When planning a redesign of a website, what are the major considerations for selecting a vendor?


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