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Q: When planning a redesign of a website, what are the major considerations for selecting a vendor?

A: Undertaking a redesign is a big decision, so choosing the best possible vendor should be your top priority. Here are 5 considerations when choosing a company to partner with:

  • References: Ask the vendors for a few companies they have done work for in the past. It always helps to speak with a person who went through the process, so you can learn about their experience.
  • Portfolio: View the vendor's portfolio to see what type of work they've done: you will get a better feeling of how creative they are and if they have the capability to deliver what you are looking for.
  • Support: Knowing the vendor's level of support during and after the launch of your new site is very important. Speak with the person who will quarterback the program. Make sure there is a comfort level in your dialog with them and that they will make themselves available to work with you.
  • Roadmap/Game Plan: The vendor needs to understand what you are trying to achieve. Are they able to tackle the requirements that you have in mind? See if they can provide you with a preliminary schedule or outline of their game plan. It's always best to confirm that they have a clear understanding of what you envision and have a roadmap of how to achieve that.
  • Trust: Bottom line is that trust should be the main motivator when making your decision. Make sure you get a good feeling that the vendor will dedicate the appropriate resources to ensure a successful (and on time) outcome.
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