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Branding is a mission critical piece of the Search Engine Marketing (SEM) puzzle and is very important for a variety of reasons. Here are a few…

Bidding on your company name will help to reinforce & protect your brand by showing up in both the organic and the paid results. Keep in mind that this will also take up more real estate on the Search Engine Results Page (SERPS). That's a good thing.

There can sometimes be up to 3 paid ads showing up on top of a #1 organic listing. This would push even a #1 organic listing to the middle of the page, which could easily result in a searcher clicking on a competitor link when he or she was initially looking for your site.

This may come as a surprise, but many people still do not know the difference between paid and organic listings and will click on whatever they see first. Bidding on your name will help cover your bases.

With a paid ad, you can control and customize the message accordingly, utilize different ad copy and send the visitor to the most appropriate landing page.

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