What’s New at Google?



This is somewhat of an ironic headline because really, everyday there is something new at Google!  MoreVisibility recently presented a webinar featuring Grant Burgess from Google as a guest speaker.  During this presentation, Google's Next Chapter, we revealed several exciting paths Google is chartering down. 

Here are a few of the areas Google is focusing on, with my insight for marketers on how to capitalize on each:

Mobile Search – According to Google, 1 in 3 mobile searches have local intent.  With this in mind, it is imperative that you capitalize on your location (if applicable) in search ads.  Besides adding Location Extensions to your Google account (so it can include your physical location in the ads) don't forget phone numbers too, especially leveraging the Click-to-Call feature.  Google also recently introduced Call Tracking, whereby you can tie back an incoming call to specific advertising efforts.  This is a great way of further evaluating ROI from online spend.

Most importantly, ensure your website is mobile-friendly.  Review your website from different mobile devices (Droid, iPhone and Blackberry) to see how customers are viewing it.  Consider developing a modified version of your website to accommodate these web users.  Unsure if you have mobile web browsers?  Don't guess at this important question – leverage the data within your Analytics program to determine how many, as well as from what devices they are coming.  This will help guide your overall Mobile Strategy, including advertising.

Display Advertising –  Google's Display Network is a robust and easy-to-use platform for marketers looking to engage in media buying, without a large budget commitment. It allows for complete transparency in the same auction format most are accustomed to through Adwords.  Given the low barriers to entry and vast number of Google Display partner sites, this is absolutely an option advertisers should test. 

There are several tactics to choose from:

Where The Searcher Is
Contextual Targeting – can use Keywords or Categories to reach audience
Placement Targeting – select websites to reach your intended audience

Where The Searcher Has Been
Interest-Category Matching – Choose from thousands of options based on your prospects areas of interest or those tied to your products or services.
Remarketing – target your former site visitors, while they are browsing elsewhere on the web (within Google's Network)

Even if you don't have a web designer available to create banner ads, it won't exclude you from participating in this platform. Google offers a relatively simple way for advertisers to create their own banner ads through their Display Ad Builder .  Using templates, with your own logo and text, you can develop advertising creative in minutes, at no cost.

These are just a few of the things touched on during our webinar with Google and they continue to introduce options and enhancements that every marketer should be excited about! To help keep you "in the know" with new marketing opportunities and updates at Google, follow MoreVisibility on Twitter and Facebook.

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