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Three Reports From Google Webmaster Tools Every Marketer Needs

Three Reports From Google Webmaster Tools Every Marketer Needs

First of a Three Part Series: Google Webmaster Tools is an incredibly useful source of data and statistics about your website, but chances are, if you're like many online marketers, you rarely, if ever, check it out. Why? Probably because you have the common misconception that the data in there is too technical or "more for programmers".

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It is convenient to operate under the assumption that Search Engine Optimization is purely an IT function best left for the nerdy guy in the computer room. It is similarly tempting to think of SEO as a marketing responsibility and push all accountability onto the folks responsible for those tasks.


Even though Google tweaks their algorithm very frequently for how listings appear in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages), every so often the impact is substantial and creates a frenzied dialogue among website owners and marketers. Of course, as with any update or shift, some websites fare positively (improved web rankings) and others do not (drop or loss in website positions or rank).


Facebook has become an integral marketing channel for more companies than ever before. There are over 500 million active users on Facebook, and as a result, the site must stay up-to-date and forward thinking about how they make changes to individual Profiles, company Pages, privacy settings, and so on.

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Lately, I’ve noticed bar codes being used by companies on printed materials. What are they and how can I use them for my business?


Complimentary Google Analytics Webinar: Top 10 Tactics To Leverage

Are you capitalizing on Google Analytics? In this 45 minute rapid-fire interactive discussion, MoreVisibility's experts will guide you through the "Top 10" most useful features and common user pitfalls. 

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Family Rentals - Client Spotlight

"We enjoy working with the MoreVisibility team immensely. We have seen positive growth in our visibility online through our new optimized website redesign and development as well as SEO projects managed by the MoreVisibility team."

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