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Creating Social Media Content That Will Engage Your Audience

Creating Social Media Content That Will Engage Your Audience

When it comes to Social Media Marketing, setting up your business pages and profiles is only the first step. In this White Paper we explore key ideas for making your social media content more engaging for prospects and customers.

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A new addition to the library could be built to delve into the question of how involved (if at all) senior executives ought to be with their company's social media channels. More so than other "opportunities" that have come along in the past, I think the positives from senior leadership's participation in Social Media ought to be recognized.


There is a lot of buzz currently surrounding "Deal-of-the-Day" networks, especially Groupon and Living Social. Groupon has gained attention for a few reasons, including being mentioned by Oprah on her TV show, which caused their website to go into overload mode. In addition, their supposed nixing of a monumental offer from Google, as well as heavily rumored talk of an upcoming IPO has also increased their exposure.

Social Media: Facebook's Current Offerings to Business Owners


Mark Zuckerberg, co-founder and current CEO of Facebook, has been in the news a lot recently. Time Magazine named him the 2010 Person of the Year. CNBC did a documentary recently - The Facebook Obsession - on Zuckerberg's Facebook. The program which aired January 6, 2011 touched on the company's history, lawsuits, and the social network's aptitude for bringing people together.


Our company sells a consumer product used mainly by professional women. I am currently bidding on some keywords in Google AdWords (cost per click ads), but am wondering what other sources I can use to drive web traffic and sales?

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