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Essential Guide for Planning a Website Redesign

Essential Guide for Planning a Website Redesign

Many website redesign projects suffer from bumps in the road due to a lack of upfront planning. In this Essential Guide for Planning a Website Redesign, we explore ways to proactively address these potential pitfalls, by defining project scope and goals in advance. 

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I received an invitation recently to participate in Google’s new cloud-based music service and have since uploaded my music library. The gist of the (no cost) offering is that once uploaded, you can access your music from any browser on any device with an Internet connection.


With the rising trend of Social Media being included in corporate Marketing plans, it is important to understand the creative and unique ways to leverage this medium for promoting yourself or your business. Twitter, through the use of 140 characters or less, is one of those of those platforms.


When most companies think of internet marketing, they think of paid search text ads that run on Google, and the Search Alliance (MSN/Bing and Yahoo). Few dare to think of the plethora of opportunities that lie outside of the paid search box. If your paid search campaigns have squeezed every ounce of growth out of traditional paid search text ads, then don’t fret.


How can I get these visitors back to my site to entice them to buy my product or service?

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The Tire Choice & Total Car Care - Client Spotlight

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MoreVisibility began working with The Tire Choice in late 2010 to provide search engine optimization (SEO), paid search marketing, social media, call tracking and web analytics services.

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