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Q: "I understand that first-time visitors to my website will most likely not make a purchase. How can I get these visitors back to my site to entice them to buy my product or service?"

A: You can re-engage past visitors to your web site by implementing a Remarketing campaign, which can target visitors who got to your site but did not complete a purchase. You can show your ads to visitors who reached your site regardless of the source (email, direct URL, PPC efforts, etc.) that was used to get them there in the first place. You can also create different campaigns to target users who visit specific pages on your website.

How it works: when someone visits your website, you can drop a tracking pixel, or cookie, onto their computer. Later, when that individual is surfing other websites within the Google Partner Network, you can display your PPC ad to them. What’s best is that you can use a cost-per-click (CPC) model for Remarketing campaigns so you’ll only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad.

Remarketing campaigns are a terrific way to win-over your visitors who do not convert on the first, or even second, visit at a low-cost. After all, these previous visitors showed interest in your product or service and may just need a little reminder to complete a sale.

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