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Essential Guide to Social Sharing & Bookmarking Buttons

Essential Guide to Social Sharing & Bookmarking Buttons 

Writing and publishing high quality content on your website is only one hurdle of executing an effective content strategy. Optimization and ensuring that content can be found and shared is also essential.

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Remember when the primary way companies were able to gauge where new customers were coming from was to ask them? It was a hard piece of data to gather for a number of reasons, including the fact that quite often, employees felt uncomfortable asking the question and frequently inaccurate responses were given.


As you may already know, MoreVisibility is one of a select few to be designated a Google Analytics Certified Partner. Our company has held this status for over 3 years and it requires a number of qualifications be met each year to maintain it.


On Nov. 7th, Google announced that they opened up their social network, Google+, to businesses, brands and organizations. Prior to this date, Google+ didn’t want businesses creating a profile or page on their new social network. Those companies who tried to game the system later found Google+ taking their pages down.


I recently created a Google+ Page for my business. How will my AdWords ads be affected by my Google+ Page?

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