Mobile Marketing and The Tide of Internet Activity



Over the past 12 years (we started the company in October of 1999), MoreVisibility has been a leader in the evolution of the Internet from a marketing perspective. We haven’t adopted an Al Gore-like position (that we actually invented it), but we have been helping companies successfully craft and execute a web strategy since the very early days of the Internet.

What seemed so monumental at the time…an effective and functioning website, has become a basic tenet for any organization, large or small, regardless of whether the site is designed for ecommerce, lead generation or brochure capabilities. For many businesses, it’s taken years to commit the resources to simply put themselves in a position to go through the learning curve of developing an effective online presence.

The “rules” of the web “as usual” are changing, and a fundamental shift is underway that most marketers are tangentially aware of, but few are actively reacting to. This latest shift reflects the increasing percentage of web usage that is transpiring via mobile devices. A growing percentage of the population are conducting their online activities through smartphones and tablets, which impacts how marketers need to present themselves properly.

We first started evangelizing mobile-friendly website versioning about 2 years ago; once again assuming a pioneer-like position. Not surprisingly, the task centered around educating companies about the importance of building out their mobile capabilities. Frankly it has taken much longer than we had anticipated to build momentum, but the tide has clearly begun to turn. Interestingly, clients we speak with who pay close attention to their analytics data are recognizing that upwards of 14% of the traffic their site receives is coming from mobile devices. That’s a sizeable number, and one that will surely continue to grow. Is your company taking advantage of this opportunity?

If you would like to discuss the mobile possibilities for your business, please feel free to give me a call at 561-620-9682.

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