August 2012 Newsletter

3 Ways to Incorporate LinkedIn into Your Business Strategy

3 Ways to Incorporate LinkedIn into

Your Business Strategy

Take advantage of LinkedIn's professional network and get your business connected to the multiple opportunities that are available.

This White Paper will review in detail how to: 

  • Optimize A Company Page
  • Create & Leverage Groups
  • Launch LinkedIn Ads

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By now, most company's websites have been through a handful of redesigns. Sometimes the process and results are favorable and oftentimes they aren't. The next time you undertake a redesign, keep a few points in mind to ensure that the end result meets your objectives.


After some tremendous wind and rain in Florida these past few days, as a result of Tropical Storm/Hurricane Isaac passing through, there are many homeowners with roof leaks and therefore facing repairs or replacements. So what does this have to do with paid search or CPC ad campaigns you ask?

Taming the Social Media Marketing Beast


In some cases, clients contact us to help them clean up a social media program that has started to spiral out of control. The most common feedback we receive is that clients aren't able to complete the tasks needed to maintain their social networks effectively.


What is "Dynamic Ad Copy" in Google Adwords and should I use it for my CPC campaigns?

SwitchMyBooks - Case Study

SwitchMyBooks partnered with MoreVisibility to redesign and improve their website to gain curb appeal and become more user-friendly. 

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