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Q: What is "Dynamic Ad Copy" in Google Adwords and should I use it for my CPC campaigns?

A: "Dynamic Ad Copy" is created by using the Keyword Insertion feature offered by Google AdWords.  Keyword Insertion automatically updates the text of your ad to include the keyword that is used to trigger it.  This will make your ads more relevant to the user, which can result in improved click-through rates and quality scores. In addition, using this advanced technique allows you to create unique targeted ads for a large number of keywords.

To use Keyword Insertion, you need to include the following bracket-enclosed snippet in your ad text: {KeyWord:Candy} – where "Candy" is the default keyword in case the search term exceeds character limitations. The snippet will automatically be replaced by the keyword in your campaign that triggers your ad or the default. Sounds simple right?

Although the implementation itself is not too complicated, you must be very strategic in how you use this feature and consider the following:

Formatting: Consider all the ad variations that Keyword Insertion will create and make sure that your ads read well and are properly punctuated.

Misspellings: Bidding on misspelled variations of your keywords is a common PPC strategy. However, you do not want the misspelled keyword being pulled into your ad as it will look like a mistake to the searcher.

Competitors: You can bid on competitor keywords, but don't use their name in your ads. It can cause user experience and trademark issues. Besides, do you want to promote your competitor?

Branding: There may be many variations and abbreviations that searchers use to search for your brand; and it makes sense to bid on all of them. However, you want to retain the integrity of your brand by reinforcing its correct format and not pulling the other variations into your ad copy.

By keeping the above in mind, you will be able to determine where the Keyword Insertion feature makes sense to implement.

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