A Marketer’s New Year’s Resolution List



It is that time of year, when we decide on our New Year resolutions. If you are struggling for ideas and are involved in marketing – no worries, I have a number of suggestions for you to consider.

In no particular order, here are some Interactive Marketing Resolutions for 2013:

  • Ensure the data being used for decisions is accurate. This is especially important within web analytics. Consider an account audit or seek assistance from a vendor.
  • Track, track, track – for every link you can control and append, make sure to code it properly so credit is given to that particular marketing effort. Check out our Google Analytics URL Tagging tool to streamline the process.
  • Maximize your advertising budget and look beyond Google. Although they have the largest market share, there are some other channels and networks which may be less competitive and less expensive, which could yield valuable results.
  • Be social! If your company has an active presence within social media, make sure it is a two way street for communication. Listen to what people are saying, interject thoughtful comments to community discussions and respond to both positive and negative posts.
  • Inbound linking (for SEO) is not about mass quantity and saturation. Focus on quality and relevancy
  • 2013 is the Year of Content for better online visibility; Are you ready? MoreVisibility provides onsite and virtual training to copywriters and editors so their work is more focused for search engine optimization success. This is valuable onsite as well as offsite, through social media, linking and blogging.
  • Take inventory of what you have in your marketing arsenal and what you need. Being able to understand your resources is critical to define how vendors can support your organization. If you invest the money to engage a consultant or agency, establish a true partnership. As the saying goes : The More You Give The More You Get”.

Please contact me if we can help with your 2013 professional resolutions or goals.
Happy Holidays and here is to a successful, measurable New Year!

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