Introducing Google Analytics Premium



Google Analytics Premium was created to compete in the high-end Analytics space with firms like Adobe SiteCatalyst and Webtrends. The sector’s focus is enabling large enterprise companies as well as high trafficked websites to track and analyze significant volumes of website traffic.

Upgrades from traditional Google Analytics (no cost) include:

  • 2 Million rows of data for unsampled reports (regular GA allows 50,000 rows)
  • Increased data collection/ freshness every 4hrs. (regular GA collects every 24hrs.)
  • Up to 50 custom variables (regular GA has 5)
  • Unsampled data reports that are also downloadable
  • Attribution modeling tools that you can customize, input, and view values across channels such as affiliates, organic and paid search.

For highly trafficked websites these additional levels of understanding are apt to be incredibly valuable. Google Analytics Premium is for clients who “have some specific needs that the current version of Google Analytics can’t meet in their entirety”.

MoreVisibility is a Google Analytics Certified Partner and ideally suited to help you determine whether Google Analytics Premium makes sense for your business. If you would like to learn more, please fill out this brief form or give us a call, 800-787-0497.

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