The Recipe for a Brilliant Client Relationship



During the past 12 years, we have worked with an incredibly dynamic group of clients. As a result, we have learned a lot about what it takes to effectively launch and manage online marketing programs.

There are clients who have pushed us to be better and there are clients who have just pushed us. We’ve refined our processes and capabilities as a result of both. Quite frankly, a big part of how we’ve grown and endured can be attributed to the companies who have helped us chart new waters, either operationally (creating new client reports, refining program deliverables, etc.) or service offering-wise (e.g., mobile and social media).

The model client for MoreVisibility has high expectations, an interest in becoming educated on the integral components of today’s interactive marketing universe, a willingness to embrace analytics and the recognition that program success is a collaborative effort.

With all of the changes (to the internet) that have occurred during the past decade, one fact has remained a constant: Web marketing budget allocation and experimentation are a whole lot easier to rationalize for companies that have (or are on the path toward achieving) solid Organic results. A firm foundation in SEO is an incredibly powerful platform from which to operate as a result of the “no-cost” traffic that it generates. The tricky part is that SEO is increasingly dynamic, with Google’s frequent updates and with the emergence of Social Media and its inclusion in the Natural search results.

Lastly, keep in mind that there is a big difference between consulting (advising) and implementation (actually making the changes). MoreVisibility does both, although we are not always engaged for both tasks. We can share great insights on how to best leverage today’s online marketing opportunities, but the in the trenches work still needs to be accomplished. Whether it’s writing content, garnering links, actively participating in social media or reviewing analytics data, the commitment needs to be ongoing. For some clients we handle everything and for others it’s certain pieces of the pie. Wherever that line gets drawn, it’s vital to recognize what still needs to be accomplished in order for everyone to be pleased with the outcome.

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