July 2012 Newsletter

5 Easy Steps to Building a Remarketing Campaign

5 Easy Steps to Building a

Remarketing Campaign

There are many different strategies to use when it comes to setting up a remarketing campaign. The following steps will help guide you to creating a successful remarketing campaign.

  • Define Remarketing Strategy
  • Create Audience
  • Code Your Website
  • Develop Banner and Text Ads
  • Optimize and Analyze 

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Thirteen years deep into the Internet Marketing era and everything is still in rapid-fire change mode. Whether it's new targeting options on Facebook, enhanced reports within Google Analytics or the likely impact that Marissa Mayer's move to Yahoo from Google will have, there's a whole lot to keep up with.


There have been many updates and introductions in the digital landscape recently. In an effort to make sure you are aware of changes and have read up on what's new, I have compiled a few below.


Clients often ask me why they need to bid on their branded terms in their Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns if they are already ranking well organically within the search engines. Clients tell me that they would rather allocate funds to non-branded terms instead of bidding on terms that already give them above-the-fold results. Here are five key reasons why advertisers should bid on their branded terms.


For my website and blogs, what is more important-the actual "content" or how it's presented (displayed)?

Competitor/Keyword Ranking Report

Whose websites are showing up Organically for your most important keywords? 

This report will summarize the top 10 websites showing up in Google for each keyword. 

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The Paint Store - Case Study 

The Paint Store engaged MoreVisibility to help with their interactive marketing efforts. 

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