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Thirteen years deep into the Internet Marketing era and everything is still in rapid-fire change mode. Whether it's new targeting options on Facebook, enhanced reports within Google Analytics or the likely impact that Marissa Mayer's move to Yahoo from Google will have, there's a whole lot to keep up with.

It would be convenient if companies could completely rely on marketing agencies to handle (and worry about) this stuff for them, but it's never quite that simple.

To the contrary, we have found overwhelmingly, that clients who invest the time to learn alongside of our efforts, attain the strongest results. The best clients explain their brand identity, competitors and program goals, then follow along closely as the program builds steam. They take the time to study the analytics data we provide and collaborate with us in boosting campaign (SEO, SEM, Social Media, etc.) performance.

A portion of our newsletter audience will surely remember the old Greyhound Bus commercials with the, "Leave the driving to us" theme. The gist of the classic campaign was that Greyhound was best suited to shoulder the long distance driving responsibility for their customers. The clip below is the only Greyhound Bus commercial that I could find online. I recall others that talked about the pros of riding the bus versus driving. This 30-second spot comes from a slightly different angle, but should be appreciated by all marketers. Enjoy.

Even organizations that outsource every element of their marketing efforts need to create a basic level of internal proficiency. As a starting point, focus on building knowledge within Google Analytics, so that any outsourced programs being run can be analyzed on their own merits and also from an historical perspective. Please subscribe to our Google Analytics blog to begin learning.

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