June 2012 Newsletter

 Social Network's Influence on Search Results

Social Network's Influence on Search Results

Curious about how social media content is affecting search results? Social content within search results
will vary by: 

  • Organic and personalized search
  • Which search engine is being used
  • Whether or not a user is logged into a social network
  • Where the search is being conducted
  • Interest and Social Ranking 

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In the early 2000’s it seemed there was a straightforward line in the sand separating individuals who understood Internet Marketing from those who did not. Folks were either stuck in the print era (traditional media), or they recognized and embraced the efficiencies that digital marketing had begun to deliver.


As we head into the midway point for this calendar year, it’s important to evaluate your progress thus far. Looking for ways to improve your website? Here are my top five ideas to review and consider for improvement:


When the Social Media conversation gets noisy, tune in to what matters most – results. Whether you’re an extrovert or an introvert, these days everyone is social. With more than 901 million monthly active users on Facebook, 67.8 million daily posts on Tumblr and a billion tweets sent each week on Twitter, it’s not a question of whether or not your target audience is using Social Media to communicate.


I hear that Google Merchant will no longer provide free, “organic” clicks for my product datafeed. How can I recover this loss in traffic to my site?

New Updates To Google Analytics 

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  •  Ideas to Quantify the Value of Social Media
  • Content Experiments in Google Analytics to Boost Conversions 

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Paparazzi Prom - Case Study 

Paparazzi Prom partnered with MoreVisibility to update their website. 

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