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How often should we update our Facebook Company Page and/or the business Twitter Account?



Q. : How often should we update our Facebook Company Page and/or the business Twitter Account?

A : There is no set amount of times each day/week, which is best for all businesses to create a posting strategy around. We suggest you conduct research to determine the optimal number of times to post to your company’s social media accounts. To maintain a presence with your audience, we recommended communicating at a minimum once daily per channel. The recommendations below can help you fine-tune your company’s posting frequency:

  • Quality of Activity : Frequency of updates is less important than the quality of the content shared. If a single update generates more activity (i.e. likes, re-tweets, shares, etc.) than five daily updates combined, it is better to post just that one engaging update.
  • Honor Channel Differences : Each channel has a unique audience, and engages users in a unique way. For example, Twitter users are accustomed to receiving more frequent updates than Facebook fans because of the way they personally engage with the platform, and update their own status more frequently during each day.
  • Limit Abandonment : By testing the posting frequency over a few weeks within each network, you can monitor viewer analytics to determine at what posting frequency your fans begin to “un-fan” or “un-follow” your business.
  • Timing : To maximize post exposure, you may want to determine the best time of day, or the best day of the week to post. There are online services like and that specialize in analyzing post data to provide suggestions.
  • Consistency : Some companies have found that posting their update at the same time each day has helped set an expectation with their audience. Since their fans are used to getting updated at that time, they will check in with the company for the update rather than having to find it in a feed.
  • Scheduling : You can automate posts with online scheduling tools like Hootsuite, Tweetdeck, or to maintain consistency in timing and frequency to your audience.
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