Live From the 2012 Google Analytics Partner Summit



As a Google Analytics Certified Partner (GACP), MoreVisibility has been attending this Invitation-Only, annual event in California for the past 4 years.  Partners from around the world converge to collaborate with the Google Product Managers, Engineers and Developers who are responsible for this most important product.  Typically, there are several major announcements made during this forum – although most of the time these are confidential and we cannot discuss outside of the Summit.

Well, guess what? This year that changed and during Day One (October 29, 2012) the Partners were told they could share some of these exciting new features!

The news just keeps coming, as I am writing this article live from the Summit.  In a future article, I will summarize anything announced which didn't make it here.  The following are all newly released, soon to be rolled out, or available for whitelisting:

  • Universal Analytics – in essence, this will allow analysis of the visitor (and their behavior) across multiple devices.  So, when the same site visitor arrives via desktop, laptop, tablet and/or smartphone  (logged in or with a user id), this information will all converge into the same record.  This will indicate one visitor versus many, which should drastically improve analysis of marketing campaign conversion effectiveness.
  • Attribution modeling is coming for all users.
  • Longer look-back windows for data, can go up to 90 days.
  • Better controls for sampling of data.
  • Import Cost Data from non Google efforts, allowing for in-platform ROI analysis.
  • Standardize URL tagging – Campaign Management within interface, obfuscates parameters by replacing
    with a single ID.
  • Attribution prediction modeling (data driven modeling).

The team at MoreVisibility will be very busy this week!  Contact us to learn more about how these exciting new features can elevate your data analysis and website performance.

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