What’s After iGoogle?



Google made an announcement this summer that beginning in November 2013 they will be discontinuing their iGoogle homepages.  If you'd like to read more about it (directly from Google), please read this.


I believe the fact Google has chosen to give people 16 months notice speaks to the degree that individuals have come to reply on their iGoogle pages as their launching point for the web.

This pending change will alter the web experience for anyone who relied on iGoogle to be their hub for the internet.  What information will people choose to have at their fingertips (when they have to select anew)?  Will people choose to have a plain Google (search) homepage, will their Facebook or Google+ page be their launch point or will they transition to one of the many iGoogle facsimiles that exist?

I think it's worthwhile to consider how best to set up your web homepage for maximum personal efficiency.  I contend that while being one of the greatest innovations of our lifetime, the internet is also the biggest detractor to personal productivity that civilization has ever experienced.

When there are so many uniquely personal-interest distractions at our fingertips, the percentage of time that people are getting actual work accomplished is diminishing.  Early on, employers sounded alarm bells over the distractions that the internet was causing at the office.  Many organizations went so far as to ban non-work related web viewing from the office.  Over the last few years, the web has become so ubiquitous, particularly with Social Media and smartphones, that such a policy for most companies is no longer realistic.

A meaningful goal however is for individuals to recognize the opportunity cost of wasting time on the web, verse putting it to good use.  If you are an iGoogle user, now is an ideal time to think about how you could restructure your next homepage to maybe refocus you on different aspects of the internet that would lead you to being more effective with your time and as a result, more successful.

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